Loop Corner

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Loop Corner

Energetic creative and stylish Loop will make you and your guests feel the dynamism of the room.

Removable legs via shear connector
Soft plastic glides avoid the floor damage attached under the legs
Moveable back cushions
Removable back cushion covers
Back pillows have a number of partitions depending on the filling material
Additional two small cushions for decorative purposes
Patterns of the small cushions are adaptive to body-color

Plywood framework
Elastic cords (Three colors-70%) under the seat
Natural thick beech wood legs
32 Density Foam Seat covered with hypersoft foam
High resilient foam core and blown fiber filled back cushions (separated) (1/3)
Hypersoft foam lamination
60gr/m2 fibre lamination

Dry clean only. Unzip cushion covers and dry clean. Remove non-greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a
lint-free cloth or sponge wrung out in clean warm water. If necessary, clean by dabbing with soapy water or
water with a little dish soap. Finally, dab the surface with clean water.